Our Truffles

Black winter truffle Tuber melanosporum

Black Summer truffle Tuber Aestivum

Dried Truffle

Our Truffle varieties

We are specialized in sourcing the finest black truffles. These black truffles (Tuber Aestivum and melanosporum and terfezia) are nature hunted  and in fact organic.

Our truffle quality and size

With a combined 15 years of local experience, we select only the best truffles and guarantee you 100% quality and loyalty.

We sell our products in three ways according to the customer’s needs:

  1. -15gr and +15gr
  2. -19gr and +19gr
  3. -19gr and from 19gr up to 49gr and +50gr
    and two types fresh and dried truffles

Our company offers you First Quality Black Truffles at the price market (Weekly updated) as well as industrial grade truffles.

 During last year’s season we delivered  black truffles to Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary and GCC countries.

Our Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 40kg.

Please let us know if you require videos or pictures to be able to imagine the quality of truffles.

Our Truffle Experiment reports

We perform detailed tests on our truffles to examine them more accurate.

Here are some examples of laboratory reports of Our truffles product