About Barberries

Barberry is a thorny shrub 1-5 m tall with oval-shaped leaves that have serrated edges, the fruit is red with a distinctive tart taste, and the wood is red, brown, or yellow.  

  1. Barberry fruit: Although the pink color of the fruit turns to light red from the beginning of fall when the weather gets cold, its taste does not change considerably but rather it gradually becomes more succulent (juicy) and its sour taste turns into sour-sweet. From the second month of fall, it reaches a desirable juicy condition and can be used as fresh barberry.

2. Barberry juice: This is used as a natural beverage or for its therapeutic properties.

3. Barberry jam: Fresh and succulent barberry is processed to produce this jam.

4. Barberry Fruit leather: This is another very tasty processed barberry product because of its sour and sour-sweet taste and since fresh and high-quality barberry is used in its production.

5. Dried barberries:The most widely used barberry product is the dried type, which is due to the quality of picking and drying are several types.